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All our tests are standardized, validated and reliable to the highest ethical standards. They are selected, designed and assessed in detailed by Ph.D. experts in Psychology. We ensure to maintain the same level of reliability in all our assessments. Our experts have developed a logic to measure the traits and arrive at the career options which could be readily used for career planning
Online assessment is a digitized version of paper test. Once registered the test taker could login onto the personal dashboard from where the assessments could be availed. The assessment is guided through detailed instructions and examples to enable the test taker to complete the assessment within the stipulated time. Once the assessment is completed, user could get real-time report online for further action.
Indeed. You would look into the sample report provided on the website. However the sample report is just for the representational purpose only whereas the actual report would be of 25 pages with information, results, infographics, career options and other important details.
Our screening assessment for LD & ADHD would help in identifying the disorders, if any, and its level thus providing you recommendations to include in your remedial program / inclusion program. Our experts would support you throughout for successful implementation.
Our learning difficulties screening assessment considers inputs in the form of checklist from parents and teacher, followed by personally administered assessment for the child. Our report would be a detailed one with recommendation and remedial measures however cannot be used directly to avail accommodations available with the respective exam board. To avail accommodations, the student should be referred to the RCI approved rehabilation psychologist.
We believe in being your partners on your career path, hence there is no better way than providing you a personal dashboard where you could access your reports, watch infographics, metrics, book a slot, interact directly with our experts, raise GAP flag to clear ambiguities, and many more. All these could be possible through personal signup.
We have several assessment modules in our offering. We request you to signup first filling in your details. Once you signup, you could access your dashboard from where you could buy relevant assessment and avail all other features associated with it. In case you have any issues in signing up or registering with us please let us know – hello@cedura.in
Market is dynamic with new technologies and fields evolving every day with lot of cross functional areas. The main objective of the assessment is to identify the dormant potential of an individual to enable the individual to take informed decisions. This would also be applicable to the students who have already selected major subject by helping them aligning their traits in the selected career path.
Our market studies indicated that there is a missing link between the test taker and the experts, soon after the assessment. We through the GAP analysis are providing a channel to interact direct with the experts, in case of situation where the aspirations of the test taker and results are not matching. This would help in clearing the ambiguities to enable the test taker to adopt the result from the assessment.
The report is an effective tool for career planning. It would highlight the dominant traits of the test taker and provide the suitable career options. It is a readymade solution for career decisions. Should you want, you could share with other experts, counsellors, parents, etc for further process. For organizations, it would provide detailed insight about the employee to take decisions related to career.
We offer add-on extended services for one-on-one career guidance session with our experts on chargeable basis. The report from your assessment would be a base for the guidance session. The availability of the sessions and bookings could be availed from the individual dashboard of the user.
These assessments were designed to unlock and highlight the dormant potential of individuals. Hence these would be useful for everyone irrespective of the schooling or curriculum.
Indeed. Moreover, we recommend a self-assessment for fresh graduates before entering into the career race to identify their strengths so that they could highlight them properly or for that matter select the career path that suits their traits. With the new careers demanding cross functional expertise and traits the fresh graduates could align or equip themselves for better positioning against the rest.
We offer customization for CareerSuit - the organizational assessment tool to suit their dynamic needs. Our assessments are modular and our experts would package the assessment with relevant modules to meet the position or employee needs. In case you have specific position with unique traits to be filled in, our experts would design a assessment that would deliver the results for you.
Person to the position and Position to the Person – Organization could successfully manage the talent for high attrition while ensuring employee engagement. Be it an in-house employee promotion or filling it with external resource or assessing training needs, etc we would be your partner and provide customized assessments.
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For further queries, you could contact us at any time through our email address hello@cedura.in.