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Psychometric assessments are the basic tools to identity the true dormant potential of a person and hence could be readily used to guide towards a potential career choices. Our design, battery of tests are developed by experts with Ph.Ds in Psychology to offer leading assessment services that could be relied upon. These assessments would be useful in self-assessment, counselling and could be readily administered. Our no-pass, no-fail tests ensure detailed mapping and highlighting of individual’s strengths to guide them through career selection.
We strongly believe that everyone is special and born with dormant potential to excel in a particular field or career. We all have the right to be happy, lead a meaningful and fulfilled life through selection of potential career as per our abilities and personality. We match individual’s aspirations with true potential through our GAP analysis.
We empower individuals by highlighting the dormant strengths and enable them take right decisions towards potential career option. We empower organizations by mapping the strengths of their current or prospective employees to place them in right positions, identify training needs and design career growth plan.
From high school students and fresh graduates to employees and senior executive, identifying the dormant traits is key to achieve career excellence and fulfilled lives. Our range of test batteries would suit every individual’s assessment needs, irrespective of the current stage in the career path.
We are innovative and ethical. We continue to offer high reliable and indigenous battery of tests and consider welcome requests from our users for customization to address their dynamic needs. Our tests are designed to be availed from anywhere, as per your convenience following the full-guided instructions.

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suresh kadari
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Dr. Usha Pasupulati
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Dr. Vijay Bonam

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